“I had neck, shoulder, and jaw pain, along with headaches and excessive itching before I came to see Dr. Lisa. My symptoms had a big impact on my quality of life, I couldn’t seep and medication only assisted temporarily. I was hesitant about chiropractic, but I’m glad I gave it a try because my shoulder and neck pain have diminished and my jaw pain is completely gone. The biggest surprise is how well chiropractic has improved my overall well-being, I am able participate in more physical activities with my family and I’ve been sleeping great! I would recommend Dr. Lisa to anyone, I’m even bringing my daughter in to be treated!”

-Suzanne H.


“For as long as I could remember I had problems sleeping and poor posture but I was skeptical about chiropractic. After finally being talked into it, I came in to see Dr. Lisa and after my FIRST adjustment I noticed a difference in my sleep, I woke up feeling refreshed and energized! My back pain has disappeared and I feel my body healing. The staff and care provided at Heritage Family Chiropractic is of the up most quality. Dr. Lisa is a wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone!”

-Rob N.


“My first visit to Heritage Family Chiropractic was in February 2014, I was suffering from severe low back pain that nothing seemed to help. After seeing Dr. Lisa for a few weeks, my pain is almost gone, I feel better, and I’m healthier than I was last year!”

– Bob C.


“Lower back pain is not exactly how you want to start your morning. My pain was a problem that effected my sleep, work, and well being. I was a little bit hesitant about chiropractic, but other methods that I tried over the years were ineffective. After two weeks of care, I felt immediate results. I sleep better, I work hard, and I’m happier! Dr. Lisa is fantastic, she is personable, professional, and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Heritage Family Chiropractic for your back and pain issues. They really can help!”

-Chris A.


“Before chiropractic I had constant neck pain, sinus headaches, and severe hip pain. The headaches made it very difficult for me to focus at work and the hip pain interfered with running. I tried physical therapy but it didn’t do much for me. My first visit to Dr. Lisa was in September of 2013, my hip and neck pain dramatically decreased after a few weeks of care and I was able to train for my first marathon! I always feel re-charged and energized after an adjustment. Chiropractic is a therapy that I keep up with on a regular basis, I believe it helps not just my spine but my entire nervous system.”

-Lauren G.


“I had back and knee pain, along with stiffness in my neck that made it hard for me to drive. After a few weeks of treatment with Dr. Lisa, I had no complaints. Chiropractic has really helped me and improved my quality of life!”

-Linda T.